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wHAT ARE YOUR your qualifications

Your next weapons are your qualifications. So, if you have good professional/ educational qualifications, write about them after your skills.

Write about your achievements ?

Your achievements during your last jobs communicate that this is what you did for your last employers and this is what you can do if they hire you. So, write your achievements immediately after your skill set in your CV. Use some figures wherever possible. For eg, if you were responsible for recruitment in your last company, you can write: ‘Recruited 35 employees over a period of six months to match the company’s target of 80 per cent growth in terms of Human Resources.’.

ON WHAT skills you HAVE TO Focus

If you have switched jobs very fast (less than one year), keep the focus of your CV on the skills acquired rather than the jobs you have done. This can be done by listing your key skills on the front page immediately after your career summary.

Do you get bored of repetitive work?

The agenda of this question is to know if you can stick to a role for a significant period. To answer this question you cay say that, you understand that each job has an element of repetition but you enjoy doing your job and will give it your best.

What does growth mean to you?

This question can arise from the answer to your last question. You can answer by saying that growth according to you is broadening your experience and acquiring new skills.

What will you do if you get another job offer with a higher salary?

The purpose of this question is to know if you have a tendency to switch jobs for a couple of thousand rupees. You can answer by saying that the money does attract everybody but you will try to analyse the growth prospects in both positions. If your present job can offer you the growth you seek, then you will stick to it.

Why have you switched so many jobs?

This can be the most direct question on this subject. While answering this question you can say that: “I wanted to broaden my work experience and to achieve it I had to move out of the company”. Continue with an example explaining your logic behind it and the success you achieved with it.

What are the Job Search Tips ?

* Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
* Try many methods of job search
* Start early for interviews
* Learn how others have been successful in their job search
* Learn how to think beyond your specialisation areas.
* Plunge into action

What things we have to Follow ?

* Send the thanking letter to the company the same day
* Specify in the letter the point that was discussed
* Thank the Placement Agency, if any
* Thank your network source, if any

what will do During The Eye Interview

* Maintain eye contact
* Be attentive, listen carefully, and lean forward
* Don’t lean on the table, and don’t slouch
* Don’t toss your files across
* Hand over your file-right side facing them
* Don’t laugh or giggle but smile gently
* Be polite. use the words “Please” and “thank you”
* Don’t argue but can orally acknowledge

what will do While Entering The Interview Hall

* Enter confidently, not arrogantly
* Shut the door gently
* Smile and greet the interviewers
* Shake hands only if they offer their hand

what is Waiting Hall Behaviour

* Maintain Decorum
* Mingle with others politely
* Avoid smoking, chewing, flirting, gossiping, defamatory comments
* Greet others present
* Switch off the mobile
* Relax and visualise

what are Behavioural “Unfavourable” Aspects

* Lack of personal or career goals
* Lack of enthusiasm and confidence
* Not owning up responsibility for mistakes
* Self-justification, aggressiveness
* Lack ofemotional maturity
* Negative and cynical attitude
* Over-reacting to questions
* Lacking sense of humour
* Complaining about various things and previous employers

Why Do Candidates Fail In An Interview

* Poor grooming
* Discourteous and ungraceful body language
* Poor manners
* Poor diction
* Vague responses
* Unappealing resume
* Monetary benefits-centric approach
* Lack of punctuality
* Poor waiting hall behaviour

Do you have any questions for me?

Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to
assist on? are example